What we do

The full range of benefits can be found below, but regular meetings, newsletter updates and special interest group activities all form important areas of our support. 

Since becoming an incorporated charity (CIO) in 2022, the Network has broadened our range of support activities to HR staff in member organisations and reach a wider cohort of charities.  

Our meetings are currently taking place online in general and include 4 members meetings, supplemented by Q&A's, skills workshops and subject-specific discussions sessions: aiming to meet the needs of members in a changing HR workplace.  21 different sessions were held last year, plus the return of our full day in-person conference in September 2023.

Member meetings have maintained a strategic agenda, put together by the membership and facilitated by the Board of Trustees.  They remain a safe, friendly, place to learn and share and get insights and new ideas to issues and problems we face.   

CHRN Conference 2024 - booking is now open for members.

Resources from our CHRN Members Conference for 2023 are still available    

Upcoming meetings and events

There are no upcoming events.