Who we are

PTHR - People and Transformational HR

We are delighted to welcome People and Transformational HR (PTHR) as a commercial partner in 2023.

Perry Timms ( HR No1 Influential Thinker 2022 ) has led thought-provoking sessions for the network in recent years and we look forward to increasing collaborations with Perry and the PTHR team.  

In their manifesto, PTHR exist to:

  • Help clients, partners and fellow positive activists transform, adapt and reinvent themselves through assisted systems of designing, facilitating, coaching, teaching and experimenting with us
  • Know as much about the next stage in human, organisational and work evolution to help others learn and be enlightened about the ways to craft better lives through good work
  • Bring together as many key players as we can in creating a coalition that builds a better future of work
  • Place more business imperatives towards the climate emergency and regenerative activities for our planet

PTHR can help with better use of digital technology and remote work, leveraging organisation design and development, enhanced talent development and learning, revised operating working models and efficiency drives in operations.

A summary of what PTHR can offer to CHRN members is found here in the PTHR Summary proposal.... or click on the image at the top of the page.

Further information on PTHR can be found in the PTHR full brochure