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Agenda Consulting

Agenda are committed to working with leaders of UK not-for-profit organisations, enabling them to measure, improve and sustain high levels of engagement so that their organisations can make the greatest impact.

A message from Agenda:

Our focus on not-for-profit organisations helps us to gain a deep understanding of the issues and challenges our clients face. Our non-profit engagement database is one of the largest in the world. This means our clients can benchmark their results with other similar organisations. We use leading edge survey technology enabling managers to access sophisticated reports and online dashboards to get the most value possible out of their surveys.

CHRN Workplace Strategy Survey 2024 

Does your organisation have a workplace strategy? What should the charity sector’s workforce strategy look like?

CHRN is partnering with Agenda Consulting to deliver the CHRN Workplace Strategy Survey 2024, which has also been designed alongside colleagues at NCVO and the wider sector.  We are delighted that the survey this year is open to organisations across the charity sector to gain valuable data and inform the work being done to build a workforce strategy in the sector.  The survey will enable us to understand:

  • what strategic workforce planning currently looks like amongst UK charities,
  • the people challenges that charities are currently experiencing,
  • what is being done to address these challenges. 

 [Take part in the survey] The survey should be completed ONCE by your organisation and we would be grateful if you could forward this email to your contacts in other charities to raise awareness and the submission rate for maximum results.  The survey will close on Friday 26th July. 
“The charity sector requires skills and expertise that are often unique to our workforce. We are increasingly competing for talent with other sectors who can offer better salaries and Ts&Cs. Delivering this and planning for the future is the biggest challenge we’re facing. We need to find new and innovative solutions that work across the whole sector – individual charities can’t succeed alone. The results of this survey will directly inform the work being done by NCVO and others to build a workforce strategy for the future of the charity sector.” – Peter Reeve, Interim CEO, CHRN

Our Surveys:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Onboarding and Exit
  • Full surveys
  • Pulse surveys
  • Action planning support

Find out more about Agenda Consulting’s surveys: https://www.agendaconsulting.co.uk/our-surveys/

Sign-up to a free webinar with Agenda Consulting:  https://www.agendaconsulting.co.uk/events/

Free member benefit: Benchmark your latest engagement survey results

Do you know how your organisation’s employee engagement survey results compare with other similar organisations’ results over the last two years?

Agenda Consulting report that the UK not-for-profit organisations they work with find external benchmarking adds considerably to the insight they gain from their engagement surveys.

Agenda are now offering CHRN members the opportunity to benchmark their latest employee engagement survey results against 30 other UK Third Sector organisations that they have worked with in the last two years.

There is no cost to participate in this initiative.

Sign up here: https://www.agendaconsulting.co.uk/benchmark-your-latest-engagement-survey-results-against-other-uk-third-sector-organisations/

The CHRN Members Survey Report for 2022, run in conjunction with Agenda focused on adapting to hybrid and other new ways of working.  Download the report from Agenda Consulting's website: Report: Adapting to hybrid and other new ways of working (agendaconsulting.co.uk)